10th Anniversary Celebration Continues with Ren Ishikawa & Saaya

Ren Ishikawa 石川恋 and Saaya 紗綾 are back for drop #2 of our Spring 2016 KIKS TYO 10th Anniversary Girls Tees.

The new tees, seen below, will not be restocked and are available now on a first come, first served basis.

Pre-order ends April 24, 2016!

Ren Ishikawa 石川恋 Air Jordan 5 “Pro Stars” Tee and “Pro Stars” Photo Tee
Twitter: @renreeeen_
Instagram: @ren_ishikawa


Saaya 紗綾 Air Jordan 1 “Silver Anniversary” Tee and “Silver Anniversary” Photo Tee
Twitter: @saaya_official
instagram @saaya_official