KIKS TYO x Ema Jasmine "Homage to Home" AJ1 Tee - White

New KIKS GIRLS TEES have arrived! This style features half Japanese, half Australian model Ema Jasmine and the Air Jordan 1 "Homage to Home.

About Ema Jasmine.

Birthday: March 16th, 1995
Blood type: AB type or B type
Hometown: Australia
Hobbies: Cooking
Special skill: Bridge, tennis
Height: 168 cm
Instagram: @emmajasmine12345

Half Australian and hald Japanese.
Currently she is active as an exclusive model for Kodansha's "ViVi"

She has been called a next generation model.
She is active in a wide range regardless of lineage and generation, such as appearing in movies, advertisements and numerous fashion shows.

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